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I highly recommend Jartech for their excellent customer service. Their deep knowledge of systems and procedures has been invaluable in addressing our needs efficiently. As a school, we previously struggled to find a company that could support us effectively and resolve problems in a timeframe that allowed us to operate successfully on a daily basis. What sets Jartech apart is not just their expertise but also their personable approach. The team's friendly and personable demeanor means working with them is honestly a positive and enjoyable experience. They deliver exceptional value for money and their services not only meet high standards but do so at a reasonable cost. Because they have a committed, dedicated and tireless approach to the way they work; this ensures that challenges are not just addressed but resolved effectively, demonstrating a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Claire Cleary, Co-Headteacher


Robinsfield George Eliot Federation


Having partnered with Jartech for years, Robinsfield George Eliot Federation highly recommends their invaluable services. Jartech's deep understanding of the critical role of IT in education is evident in their excellent advice and commitment to enhancing our offering. Their cost-conscious approach, unwavering support, and pivotal role in improving our systems make them a trusted and efficient partner.


Jartech's proactive problem-solving and seamless integration within our staff team set them apart.

We wholeheartedly endorse Jartech for their expertise, reliability, and dedication to maximising the value of our IT.

Cory Mclauchlan, Acting Executive Headteacher

SFA Testimonial

As a school we have now worked with Jartech for over 4 years, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and have them as part of our school team. 


The support and advice that Jartech offers is outstanding. Their systems and procedures ensure that any issues that arise on site are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Their ability to solve many problems remotely means that issues are often resolved very quickly. 


Jartech for us is not only our IT support, they have become a part of our school team and every member of staff enjoys working with them remotely or on site. They have also played a huge role in our school working to become a paperless Google school. They constantly encourage us to work smarter not harder and we as a school have grown significantly due to the partnership that we have with Jartech.

Amie Kelleher, Head of School

Servite Testimonial

Servite RC Primary School

We initially engaged with Jartech when starting to set up Google G Suite at the school. As a school team, we were reluctant to engage with this daunting remote technology. Jartech’s domain of the systems, knowledge and gentle support, gave us the confidence to embrace this new way of working.


We then moved to Jartech in April 2018 for full IT support SLA. 

Jartech are knowledgeable and move on with the rapidly changing technology. 
They not only provide technical solutions, but also carefully look for best value and have great regard to GDPR and any other relevant policies. They are willing to work alongside the school for any tailor-made solutions and will go to great lengths to support us, to ensure the offer is fit for purpose.

We have established many efficiencies in this short period of time; from updating all school equipment in a cost effective way, through to improving systems by making them digital. 

On a day to day running, they always have a solution to any specific issues, no matter how big or small. They have a well established, responsive team of support that visit the school weekly, but are always available to answer any queries outside of these agreed visit times. 

I highly recommend Jartech as a cohesive IT solution provider; dynamic, friendly and forward thinking!

Viviana Ferrara, PA to Executive Headteacher

Thomas Jones Testimonial

Thomas Jones Primary School

It is my great pleasure to scribe a few words in regard to Jartech. Expedient, insightful and perhaps most important, utterly reliable are just a few of their many qualities. Pre-lockdown, Thomas Jones School had enjoyed a first-rate relationship with the company over a number of years. Between March and July of 2020, it is no exaggeration to say that we, in no small part, depended upon them to afford expert solutions at a challenging time. I whole heartedly recommend Jartech. 

David Sellens OBE, Headteacher

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